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Popular side jobs for students

A young person always has considerable financial needs. Especially when this young person is a student. Unfortunate as it is, parents and scholarships do not always covers those needs and wants. Therefore, a student is seeking ways to earn some extra money more often than not. Even when you are not in a desperate need of extra money, it is always good to feel confident regarding finance. So, many students get rolled into money grabbing early. For some it begins with a fellow student's cry for help: “Write my essay for me, and please please please”, for some – with a randomly spotted “Help wanted” sign at a shop or a cafe, but nevertheless, finding a part time job is a natural course of events for most students. Finding a part-time job for a student is, however, a serious undertaking. On the one hand, this job must pay well or relatively well, but on the other hand, it must not consume too much time and effort; otherwise the student will no longer be a student because he or she will have to drop out from school. So, below is a list of side jobs for students who want to earn some extra money, but don't want it to disrupt their studies.


When you are a stude1_Writingnt, the chances are that you are required to write a lot of stuff for your studies. There are all sorts of essays, term papers, reports, etc. So, with the course of time, you may become really good at it. The more you have written, the better your writing skills become, and the faster and smoother the writing process goes. So, why not try and earn money with it? There are two options to earn money with writing:
  • Bloging. You can start your own blog dedicated to something that interests you. It can be anything – cooking, fashion, music, lifestyle, student problems, - as long as you feel like you can write about it regularly and consistently. Many blogging platforms offer their services for free. As for earning, you can do that by many ways: you can place ads on your blog, you can write paid posts, you can collect your post into an e-book and sell that, etc.
  • Writing for others. Many students have problems with writing all they have to write timely. Sometimes they are just lazy or party too much, but not necessarily. Maybe they have some force majeure personal or family circumstances preventing them from concentrating on writing their essays, term papers, etc. Maybe they have no time because they need to work hard to pay their tuition and rent. So, if you are skilled in writing, why not help a fellow student out? Especially when there's a fee.
These two options are not exclusive, so if you are a really prolific writer, you can combine the two.


There are online platforms t2_Occasional_jobshat post occasional job offers. By this, we usually understand some time job. For example, when someone needs help with moving the furniture, painting the walls, babysitting, mounting the TV set, moving and packing, pet watching, or anything like that, basically – any help around the house. It is a good way to earn some quick money, and it does not require any special skills – anybody can do it. Surely you have helped your parents around the house throughout your life, so you should know how to do it. So if you have a few hours to spare, why not go for an occasional job.


If you feel like you do not need much sleep to stay efficient with your studies, you can consider bartending as an option. Do not go for fancy places if you don't know much about cocktails since it is a separate skill. Instead, try a simpler place where you will basically have to pour some beer and shots. Many bars are open until late hours, so you can work at a bar after school. This job will usually give you the minimal wage, or sometimes double if you need to stay at work until some fixed late hour or until the last customer.
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