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Top 10 universities for students

PreviewThe choice of a university is one of the most important choices in your entire life. The choice of the university for you to study at will depend on many factors, such as the career you choose for yourself, your priorities in student life, whether you prefer a more conservative or more innovative approach to higher education, etc. But regardless of whether you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an essay writer, making the right choice is crucial to your future. So, it needs to be taken with all seriousness and done with full consideration. Below is the list of top 10 universities in the USA for a student's perspective (in alphabetical order).  
  1. California Institute of Technology
Often referred to simply as CalTech, this Pasadena-based university has six faculties centered around sciences and engineering, the most well-ranking being Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Life Sciences. Despite the relatively modest amount of students, CalTech can boast quite a respectable amount of Nobel Prize winners and nominees, top researchers, as well as public advisors and politicians working in the respective fields, among its alumni.   1_California_Institute_of_Technology
  1. Columbia University
This New York-based school was founded in 1754 and has been private-owned ever since. Located in Manhattan's Morningside Heights, Columbia University offers an urban setting to be envied. The University is known for providing high-class education in Applied Sciences, Arts, Business, Law, Medicine, Teaching, and even Theology. The rich athletic and cultural life at Columbia also goes without saying.   2_Columbia_University
  1. Duke University
This school was founded in 1838 and is located in Durham, North Carolina, the setting is suburban. Despite that, the campus proves a wide range of entertainment activities. There are 10 schools and colleges with offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. One of Duke's peculiarities is that the students are required to live on campus for the first 3 years of their studies.   3_Duke_University
  1. Harvard University
This university truly does not need any introduction. Founded in 1636, it is the longest-running higher education institution in the United States. Harvard is also among the most prestigious and expensive universities, but they offer a bunch of various flexible financial plans to their students. Harvard students are also welcome to enjoy the largest library in the world.   4_Harvard_University
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Caltech's greatest competitor from the East Coast, MTI – among other things – is known for a quite peculiar organization of the education process. Undergraduate and postgraduate education programs are somewhat integrated, and many of the courses can be taken at either of those levels. Only 8% of applicants are admitted, but 33% of those are from other countries. The famous alumni include the founders of Dropbox, Intel, and others.   5_Massachusetts_Institute_of-Technology
  1. Princeton University
Like Harvard, New Jersey-based Princeton University is one of the oldest in the country with the history of over 200 years. With such level of prestige, it comes as no surprise that this school is extremely selective about the students that they admit, and they do not have early decision applications. Among others, Princeton's alumni include several US Presidents, astronauts, Olympic champions, and also no less than Alan Turing himself.   6_Princeton_University
  1. Stanford University
Based in the nearest vicinity of the Silicon Valley, this school is often referred to as 'the Farm.' There are two reasons for that. First, it is located on the site of the Stanford family' Palo Alto stock farm. But more importantly, this university literally farms the minds behind some of the most renown companies and start-ups of the Silicone Valley – including, but not limited to Hewlett Packard, Google, Snapchat, and many others.   7_Stanford_University
  1. The University of Chicago
This private-based school dates back to 1898 and is distinguished by the fact that its campus is located in the center of the city. The University of Chicago will offer you a rich and colorful student experience when it comes to campus life, a city setting, and some of the best sports teams in the country.   8_The_University_of_Chicago
  1. The University of Pennsylvania
Often referred to simply as the Penn, this private-based university was founded by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1740. Penn is most renown for providing highest-class education in dental medicine, design, engineering and applied sciences, law, etc. Since Penn is located in a big city, it goes without saying that the cultural life and entertainment is vibrant and colorful.   9_The_University_of_Pennsylvania
  1. Yale University
Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University was founded as early as 1701. Naturally, it is a highly prestigious school, and it is not cheap, too. However, aside from the top-level education in Art, Law, Management, Medicine and Nursing, Yale offers its students a rich cultural life with ventures such as Yale Dramatic Association, The Yale Bulldogs sports teams, and a lot more. 10_Yale_University
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