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Top universities in the USA

It's difficult to overestimate the importance of choosing a university where you will get trained for your future profession. It is the choice of a lifetime if you will. If you make the wrong choice, if you take the major that does not suit you, then you will have to struggle with yourself to go on with those studies. You will be too unmotivated to complete your term papers and your essays. You will cry for help like “Type my essay for me! Help me! Please!”, and have to spend money to hire professionals to do that for you (not that anybody is judging).


Here, we will share a few tips to help you get it straight and choose the best school to spend the next few years studying in. It would be quite challenging to go into all details in such a small article, so we would like to focus on America's top universities for the sake of generalization. So, here are the things to consider while choosing a university:

  1. Your future career

This one is a no-brainer. Naturally, the choice of the university should depend on what exactly you would like to study because some universities are known for top-level training specialists in one field, others are good at graduating other specialists. For example, if you want to devote your professional life to engineering and technology, you are recommended to go for the Stanford University in the Silicon Valley or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. If you prefer arts, then you should probably consider the renownув Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. These are just some examples.


The point is that your choice of university should be determined by this factor. Obvious as it may seem, many people neglect this factor while choosing the university, instead of being motivated by the details that are not related to the academic process. For example, they choose a school that is near to the school of choice of their high school sweethearts or BFF, or a school in the near vicinity of their parents' home. These details are unimportant, non-operative data if you will. If you have any doubts of some sorts, ask yourself a simple question – would your sweetheart change his or her mind regarding the chosen university for you? Would your parents relocate to be nearer to you while you study in your dream school? The answer would probably be negative. So, such minutiae should not bother you.


  1. Your strong points

There are three main ways to make your way to the University in the USA: money, academic scholarship, and athletic scholarship. You need to be aware of what exactly get you personally into the university, and what level college it can get you to. Being a straight-A student does not automatically make you entitled to Princeton or Harvard. Being a school champion in anything will not by default transport you to Yale.

If your family can afford your study in the top university where you want to get, then good for you, go for it. But in most cases, you really need to evaluate your strength properly, to save yourself from failure and disappointment in future.

  1. Your priorities for the next few years

Since you are considering higher education, no doubt your mind is set on studying. However, some applicants only convince themselves thereof as a result of the influence from their environment. Whereas what they really want is to have new experiences in their lives, not necessarily limited by university life. So, when choosing a school, one needs to have one's priorities straight. And if you are positive that you want to concentrate exclusively on studying, then go for a somewhat secluded and autonomous university like the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, or Stanford. Otherwise, you will feel better at a university in a big city, such as the Columbia University in New York City, or the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, or the University of Chicago.


In conclusion, be reminded that choosing the right university does not only mean your field of training. This choice will also dictate your environment for the next few years. It will determine your circles of friends and influence your character. So, this critical decision needs to be made in no haste and full consideration.

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